Developed to optimize order processes in
Restaurants especially QSR.

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for airport security and access control.

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Scan, Pay, Leave!

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reliable access management
for pandemic times and afterwards.

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About Pyramid America Inc.

Designed & Engineered in Germany

Wherever it is about self-service automation, our kiosk and indoor localization solutions play in the forefront. They effectively optimize processes and redefine customer experience completely new.

With our high-quality and future-proof industrial PCs and industrial servers, we support both industry leaders and hidden champions. Our technologies are an important link in the value chain for IT service providers and ISVs.

Our success story begins in 1985 and today, more than 40,000 self-service terminals and 1,000,000 servers worldwide tell about our customers’ trust.

Our strengths are quality, experience, flexibility and innovation. They enable us to create solutions – both products and services – that precisely meet your requirements.

The DNA of Pyramid


We accelerate the development and production processes by having one contact person accompany the customer through the project, supporting him from kickoff to rollout, whenever and wherever necessary, even after hours.

Our agility is also based on an international network of proven suppliers, manufacturers and logistics providers. We draw on them as needed to ensure production and rollout in the shortest possible time for high volumes.


As experts in technology, design and services, we know that innovative solutions tailored to the application are the key to success.

Our customers’ visions, ideas and plans inspire us to create products and services that fit as precisely as a tailor-made glove.

The result is – depending on the requirement – a standardised or special solution.

In any case, it is highly efficient and, as an important link in the value chain, maximises our customers’ return on investment.


Our customers value us as a reliable partner.

Their appreciation is based on the close cooperation we maintain with them, on the enthusiasm for their visions, ideas and plans, and on the products and services we create for them.

Our solutions are characterised by innovative technologies and designs, our manufacturing by high and consistent quality, our services by prudent advice and support.

With this portfolio, we have earned the trust of our customers for more than 35 years. They make us and we make them successful.

Innovation and Quality since 1985 – Made in Germany

Pyramid is the specialist in designing and manufacturing of individualized hardware solutions. Our systems make demanding customers successful: in industry, optoelectronics, cybersecurity, medical and technical engineering, sensor technology, banking, retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation and entertainment.

Mission Statement

We design and manufacture tailor made self-service solutions for the best-automated interactions
at points of sale and service and we are a leading supplier for industrial pc and servers.

Producing Best Solutions

We are offering a wide range of scalable platforms to create in minimal time
cost-effectively solutions that fit costumers´ needs like a glove.

Uniting The Experts

We are concentrating competencies to provide state ot the art solutions in hardware, middleware and services for maximal efficiency and grow of customers´business.

Anticipating the Future

We are focussing on innovation by fostering industry-specific know-how, anticipating future markets requirements and develop forward-thinking solutions.
Our Customers

Pyramid, in collaboration with selected partners, provides medical providers for self-service in the healthcare sector with modern and efficient kiosk terminals.

Working at Pyramid

  • We are successful as a team and every player in his position is important.
  • We work with passion and we are open-minded, direct, and reliable!
  • We maintain flat hierarchies and follow short paths!
  • We develop in our work and grow beyond ourselves in the process!

ISO certification

We bear the mark of a company whose value proposition is based on a sophisticated quality assurance process.
We consider ourselves a dedicated, quality-oriented team consistently delivering business partners the best products, services and information. The only measure of success we consider is our customers’ satisfaction.

Intel Technology Provider

Pyramid is an approved Intel Technology Provider, our employees having been certified by Intel. You are looking at a company trusted by Intel and very familiar with Intel products and related technologies. Intel certification covers not only Intel microprocessors but also complex technologies such as server and network technologies

Microsoft Gold Certified

Gold Certified partners use Microsoft products as the building blocks of various services such as consultation, planning, integration and implementation of IT solutions. We are characterized by extraordinary IT know-how as well as expertise in specific segments such as e-business, network management and license management, among others.on.


EHI Retail Institute

EHI is a scientific institute of the retail industry. Its more than 750 members include international retail companies and their associations, manufacturers of consumer and capital goods, and various service providers. EHI cooperates with the most important international institutes and associations in this sector.

Location Based Marketing Association

The Location Based Marketing Association is an international group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places and media. Our goal is to educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers.

Kiosk Manufacturer Association

We bear the mark of a company whose value proposition is based on a sophisticated quality assurance process. We consider ourselves a dedicated, quality-oriented team consistently delivering business partners the best products, services and information. The only measure of success we consider is our customers’ satisfaction.

Kiosk Marketplace

Kiosk Marketplace is the world’s premier news and information sites dedicated exclusively to the kiosk and self-service industry.

Locations & Offices
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Pyramid Computer

Pyramid Computer GmbH.
Bötzinger Strasse60
79111 Freiburg, Germany

Main Factory

Pyramid Computer GmbH
Feldstraße 1
99334 Amt Wachsenburg

UK & Ireland

Pinntec Limited
Unit 4 Newtown Grange Farm Business Park, Desford Road, Newtown Unthank, Leicester, Leics LE9 9FL, GB

Pyramid AG

Pyramid AG
Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 8
80336 München

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