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AKHET® - The New Horizon
IPC & Rack Server Solutions

Providing excellent technology for network & security, industry & imaging, machine vision & storage. The brand focuses our mission: to develop, to produce and to distribute innovative turn-key server and industrial pc solutions.

The AKHET® universe includes platforms for industrial PCs, for edge devices, for firewalls and gateways, for media engines, for servers for controlling machine vision and security solutions. AKHET® means quality “Made in Germany” for medium businesses and large enterprises.

AKHET® stands for solutions meeting precisely the customers’ needs for standardised and specialised systems.

AKHET® is the result of 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of computer hardware. This is how long customers and specialist partners from retail, industry and IT trust in us.

AKHET Store Server S


AKHET® hardware features robustness and high performance in IIoT

AKHET® products make these customers and specialist partners successful: in industrial production and industrial quality management, in the construction and securing of networks and data centres, in the connection of edge and core components in IIOT.

Security Lock Technology

AKHET® products support manufacturers of IT security solutions with enterprise-grade hardware.

AKHET® technology is an important link in the value chain for IT service providers and ISVs.

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