VR BANK eKiosk

A unique self-service terminal as a virtual product shelf

VR eKiosk
VR eKiosk

“For this complex and globally unique project, we initiated a cooperation with various companies, all of which are experts in their field."

Stephan Grüll

Project Manager

VR eKiosk: The unique self-service terminal for the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.

The VR eKiosk is a digital product shelf which opens up completely new possibilities for the sale of non-banking products and services on site. The unique combination of hardware and software enables customers to buy voucher cards for apps, games, shopping or music as well as tickets for regional or national events – and print them immediately.

A special innovation of the kiosk is the unique method of biometric authentication which is needed to buy a sim card. Previously, people had to go to a post office or authenticate via video call. Through the interaction of the camera and the scanner, this process is now automated. The SimCard Dispenser enables a seamless completion of the order process.

Based on the POLYTOUCH 32″ CURVE of Pyramid Computer and equipped with a camera, a scanner, a payment module, a SimCard dispenser and a ticket printer, the kiosk handles the complete purchasing process.

NTS is providing the software, offering a seamless user experience when selecting products or services on the 32” capacitive touch display.

The kiosk is powered by our in-house solution – the Akhet PC Box. Equipped with an Intel Processor, continuous and long-term performance round the clock is guaranteed.

The kiosk is installed in VR branches and accessible 24/7 – making late night or last-minute purchases possible and attracting also customers who don’t or not only want to conclude their business with the VR Bank.