FLEX21.5 lite

Space-saving Kiosk for Self-Service!

Our microtech kiosk

The FLEX lite is like the FLEX‘s little brother and for those who need a kiosk with minimal space requirements:

A kiosk slimmed down to the absolute minimum. It is designed for no-frills self-checkout and no-frills self-ordering and contains everything needed…

21.5″ touchscreen, payment module and scanner.

And what about the printer? Doesn’t the FLEX lite print
out a receipt? Yes, it does: on the screen as a QR code!
The customer can scan it with the cell phone and  immediately has the receipt in electronic form.

That much FLEX lite technology may not fit in a vest pocket, but it does fit in the smallest grocery store.

Quick Service Restaurants

Seamless self-ordering experience for customers

Our space-saving kiosk is a revolutionary solution designed for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) to optimize limited space while providing a seamless self-ordering experience. It maximizes floor space, integrates easily without sacrificing seating capacity, and offers a user-friendly interface for effortless browsing, customization, and payment.

Food Trucks

Deliver outstanding service in a compact package.

Food trucks often face challenges in maximizing their available space due to limited square footage. By incorporating our space-saving kiosk, food truck operators can optimize their limited space while providing a convenient and efficient ordering experience for their customers. The streamlined process reduces wait times, increases customer throughput, and ultimately boosts revenue.

Hotel & Accommodation industry

Embrace the Future of Self-Check-In

A compact and efficient check-in kiosk designed specifically for smaller bed & breakfasts, motels, and inns. As the little brother of the popular Flex Landscape, Flex Lite offers a space-saving solution without compromising on functionality or guest satisfaction.


Our space-saving kiosk have the following benefits for you and your customers


Large 21.5" Full HD touchscreen with a device footprint of only 22.78 × 5.95 inch.

RFID & EFT options

The FLEX lite supports both RFID and traditional debit cards.

light guide system

Attracts attention in high traffic areas.

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