Self Ordering and Ticketing Kiosk for peak times

A Hardware solution that unites
functionality & design in perfect harmony.

Fits into any concept thanks to its different versions:


 With two displays, the 27″ PASSPORT is ideally equipped for any space that gets particularly busy during peak hours:

In quick service and fast casual restaurants, the 27″ PASSPORT speeds up ordering and payment processes many times over. This also applies to ticketing in the leisure industry.

For those who can do without dual power, the system is also available as a single standalone and wallmount variant.

The 27″ PASSPORT’s footprint is minimal, so it’s never been easier to integrate a self-service terminal into existing store designs.
We know: Store space is a precious commodity, and its optimal use is a key growth factor. To ensure that the 27″ PASSPORT takes up little space, we gave it an ultra-flat chassis that is just two hands wide.
With its clear contours, slim appearance and clearly arranged peripheral modules, the terminal convinces even non-technical customers of the advantages of self-service.
A pole light (optional) ensures that the POLYTOUCH® 27″ PASSPORT attracts customers’ attention even in heavily frequented areas. Outside the peak times, the customer can activate the pole light at the push of a button to request assistance or advice from the staff.

Fits into any concept
thanks to its different versions

Passport 27

Single Version

Passport 27

Dual Version

Passport 27


Keeps the order processing
fast and reliable

Our PASSPORT 27 copes with the highest workload capacities and long term high frequency use.

The system consists of three major components:


The 27″ projective-capacitive displays fit completely seamlessly into the chassis and are available in various finishes.

  • Anti-glare-type-display
  • Bonded anti-glare-type-display
  • Bonded glare-type-display
  • Bonded glare-type: antibacterial (optional)


Bonded glare is the preferred version because operating gestures leave virtually no traces on its special coating (anti fingerprint coating).

We can, of course, supply the alternative versions on request. All three display types are characterized by high readability even under difficult lighting conditions.

Design pedestal

The designer stand is available in a modern and a classic variant. In both variants, the stand also serves as a channel for the cables that supply the kiosk with power and data via the AKHET® PC box. The invisible cable routing contributes significantly to the attractive appearance of the kiosk. If, for structural or technical reasons, it proves difficult to wire the kiosk via the stand, the kiosk’s intelligent design concept allows it to be supplied with power and data via a ceiling feed.

Robust chassis

Inside the chassis, two self-developed AKHET® PC boxes are the central power supply for the screens and all peripherals. Video signal and power reach the screens via only one plug connection from the PC boxes, so that no additional cables are required.

The box is equipped with an Intel® Core™ CPU (Comet Lake is in preparation), its performance is scaled according to the customer’s requirements (i3 to i9 are possible). To prevent unauthorized access to the computer unit, the chassis is secured with a lock.

Also available as ticketing solution.

Our ticketing kiosk is an efficient and user-friendly solution, designed to provide customers with a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Optional ADA Module
For Ultimate Accessibility

The optional ADA module is designed to help people with disabilities access our kiosk. This module is an add-on feature that allows individuals with visual or hearing impairments to interact with our kiosk with ease. The module includes features such as text-to-speech technology, adjustable font sizes, and high-contrast visuals, making it easier for those with visual impairments to navigate the kiosk. Additionally, the ADA module includes assistive listening technology, making it easier for those with hearing impairments to hear the audio prompts from the kiosk. This module is an excellent addition to any kiosk, making it more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

With the optional ADA module, we are committed to providing equal access to information and services to all customers.

Optional Modules

Within the frame or below the display of the POLYTOUCH® 27″ PASSPORT,
various modules can be optionally integrated:


For a seamless and fast
order process:

  • Verifone P400
  • Ingenico Lane 3000/5000
  • PAX S300

(others upon request)


To ensure the best possible functionality and compability:

  • Custom P3
  • Custom Modus3
  • Epson TM-T88V,
  • Epson TM-L90

(others upon request)


No matter what scanner you choose, it is seamlessly integrated into the Flex chassis:

  • Zebra MS4717
  • Datalogic Magellan 1500i

(others upon request)




Fully customizable

The customer has a free choice of color for powder-coating of the chassis. This is possible according to the customer-specific requirements in all RAL colors. The pedestal is also available in different colours and design variants.


Peripheral specifications? Technical insight? Mounting instructions?

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