Precise Localization in Real Time – Paging Included

Wait line management or localization/tracking?

You need to not only page, but also determine the exact location of your guests, customers or patients and guide your staff to them with pinpoint accuracy? Then PLS LOCALIZATION is the first choice for you, because with PLS LOCALIZATION, you can do both! This package gives you maximum flexibility.

LOCALIZATION tracks a person in real time using their pager puck. Every change of position is registered immediately. This way, a waitress can find a guest even if they have moved from the indoor area to the outdoor area of your restaurant. A sales assistant can go directly to the customer who is waiting for advice in a virtual queue while exploring the sales floor.

LOCALIZATION can be expanded easily to include one or more Polytouch® kiosk terminals with an internal or external puck dispenser. Food orders, requests for advice or service orders are no longer recorded by your staff, but directly by the terminal, which then dispenses the puck from the associated dispenser

The All-Round Package for Paging and Real-Time Localization

POLYTOUCH ® kiosk terminals

The POLYTOUCH® PASSPORT 32 can capture food orders, requests for consultation or service orders from your guests, customers or visitors. Its integrated mechatronic dispenser will then dispense the pager puck. This automated procedure relieves staff and allows them to concentrate on their main tasks.

External puck dispenser

Would you like to use the POLYTOUCH® FLEX21.5 or one of our other kiosk systems for paging? The external puck dispenser makes it possible! It can be controlled by the POLYTOUCH® kiosk of your choice via its PLS infrastructure.


Choose either outdoor or indoor antennas – or use both! With PLS LOCALIZATION, you can locate customers, guests or patients indoors and/or outdoors.

Performance management software

The monitoring web application tracks the status of the PLS infrastructure in real time. It uses the collected data to create a variety of valuable key figures. It also enables the remote maintenance and control of the server hub, dispensers and pucks.


The PLS package LOCALIZATION contains all the functions of PAGING. If you opt for LOCALIZATION, you'll be open to maximum flexibility. Wait management or localization – both are possible.

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