Food is Everything! Self-Service Technology for the
Grocery Retail

When it comes to digitalizing self-service in grocery retailing, the Polytouch® kiosk terminals are in the premier league. They make information and sales processes more efficient and redefine the customer shopping experience at all touchpoints.

Self Service Technology for Grocery Industry

Since 1991, spending on food by private households in Germany has almost doubled, and trends indicate it will continue to increase in the next few years, as well. On average, 40 million customers buy food every day: in supermarkets, discounters and full-range stores, convenience stores and automated convenience stores.

When it comes to maximizing sales and minimizing costs, digitalization is gaining in importance in all grocery retail sales channels. Consumers in Germany are much more open to self-service technologies than they were a few years ago. Acceptance of terminals at POI and POS is growing, and with it the realization that digital solutions help to make shopping faster, more convenient, and safer – by reducing social contacts.

At the same time, more and more grocery retailers understand that smart digitalization strategies do more than increase customer satisfaction. Kiosk terminals help to optimize processes and offer new, promising sales channels. In addition, the terminals relieve pressure
on staff. Precious staff resources can be deployed elsewhere to add more value: for shelf maintenance, decorating, or advising customers.

The EHI study „Technology Trends in Retail“ showed that many retailers have recognized the advantages of selfcheckout: 30% of respondents cited the digitalization of the point of sale as one of the most important developments in the next three years.

Digitalization creates a win-win situation for customers and retailers that is not limited to the point of sale, i.e., the last contact the customer has with the brand before leaving the store. Self-service technologies are also available for upstream touchpoints, benefiting consumers and retailers alike.

Solutions for every Store Concept


The Pyramid‘s tailor-made solutions for convenience stores. Where the efficient use of space becomes a challenge because every square inch counts.

Convenience Stores

Automated convenience stores are saying goodbye to closing time, both for consumers and retailers. Shopping around the clock is the order of the day – without any need for staff.

Full Range

Families buy at full-range stores to cover their weekly or monthly requirements. So grocery carts that move through the SCO stations are correspondingly extensive.

Discounters &

Discounters and supermarkets are generalists. Their product range includes food and much more: clothes, toys, small appliances and more. This affects shopping carts.

Convenience Stores


The standard version of the FLEX includes a module for cashless payments. If desired, this can be supplemented with a component for accepting and returning banknotes and coins.

FLEX lite

The FLEX lite is like the FLEX‘s little brother: a kiosk slimmed down to the absolute minimum. It is designed for no-frills self-checkout and contains everything needed: display, payment module and scanner.

Due to its compact design, the FLEX fits in anywhere:
from a convenience store at an inner-city high-traffic location
to a rural suburb. A quick grab on-the-go or the daily grocery shopping trip: the FLEX makes self-checkout a breeze.

Award-winning design

Its rock solid chassis gives the FLEX the robustness it needs to survive the harsh conditions of everyday use unscathed: Liquids, dust and dirt are just as unlikely to harm it as high-frequency use in PEAK times. Quality made in Germany, which also looks very good and was honored for this with the European Product Design Award in 2020.

Thanks to its small dimensions and intelligent mounting concept, the FLEX kiosk fits effortlessly into any existing store concept: on a pedestal, mounted on the wall (wallmount) or as a countertop on the inventory.

Automated Convenience Stores

Automated convenience stores are one of the most important future trends in grocery retailing.
They can be found in high-traffic metropolitan areas, in economically weak regions, in hospitals, canteens… Whether a trendy party runs out of drinks in the wee hours, someone out in the countryside needs cooking ingredients, you’re in the hospital and need to replace
a USB cable you forgot at home, or a cafeteria needs to make up packed lunches for the late shift…


What‘s the solution for your automated convenience store? The slim Polytouch© PASSPORT! The large 32“ full- HD display showcases your articles as lifelike as on the shelf, making your customers want more. In the double- display version, the PASSPORT serves several customers at the same time, reducing lines during busy periods.
The PASSPORT‘s elegant design is in part due to its cablefree appearance. In the standalone version, the cables that supply the kiosk with power and data are routed invisibly through the stand.
Expanding or upgrading the kiosk with peripheral modules is completely straightforward. There is plenty of space inside the console (belly) and in the frame.

This means maximum flexibility of use and high cost efficiency when adapting to new challenges.

Polytouch 32 Passport


Full-range retailers are all-round suppliers when it comes to food.
Their product range is so broad and deep that customers’ wishes are rarely left unfulfilled. Families buy in bulk at full-range stores to cover their weekly or even monthly requirements. The grocery carts that move through the self-checkout stations are correspondingly extensive.


From shelf to cart, from cart to conveyor belt, from conveyor belt into the bag? No! The EASY Shopper puts an end to repacking groceries. Almost 4,500 EASY Shoppers are delighting customers and employees every day in more than 100 branches of a large full-range retailer.


Discounters and supermarkets are generalists. Their product range includes food and much more: clothes, toys, small appliances and more. This affects shopping carts.



The NANO’s clear design concept makes it a highly visible landmark in any store concept, inviting customers to the self-checkout. All of the terminal’s components and peripheral modules are located along a vertical line. The arrangement – from the scanner at the base to the printer below the screen – corresponds to the checkout sequence and is virtually self-explanatory in guiding the customer through the process.


As an information terminal, the Polytouch© CURVE attracts your customers‘ attention with interactive content on its large-format display. It notifies customers of special offers, provides recipe suggestions, indicates the availability of items and their location, and advises allergy sufferers on ingredients. Further information, e.g., as slideshows or videos, is always just a touch away.

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